Metro File Manager

#1 File Manager in the Windows Phone Store trusted by millions of users. Manage files on your Phone, SD Card, Network Share, FTP Site, OneDrive, GDrive, DropBox, Box and WebDAV with the most professional, fast, fluid and elegant File Manager.

The original Metro style File Manager that inspired the user experience of "files" and many "likes" in the store, with unique features that speak for itself. Metro File Manager works as your phone does, with advanced functions that are always complemented with adequate tips to make things "easy".


• Organize and manage files from your Phone, or remotely from PC

• Access Network Shares (SMB), FTP, OneDrive, GDrive, Box, DropBox, WebDAV like local drives, even when offline

• Personal Folder to hide files from the System

• Copy, move, rename, delete, sort, search, hide

• Share with all possible apps and devices, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC etc

• Open files with other apps

• Receive files from other apps

• Secure App with a password lock

• Browse archives like folders and extract most common compression formats

• Create compressed folders (zip files)

• Pin to start frequently used folders

• Themes, there is something for everyone

• View Pictures with inbuilt viewer, zoom and swipe along multiple pictures, picture slide show

• Folder play music from anywhere, tap and listen in background player

• View native video formats within App's seekable video player

• Expand your Media Library, upload and stream native media formats from Cloud

• Free version is Ad supported, allows all of Phone and SD Card management functions, one of each remote/cloud accounts, and ftp sharing of Application storage. You can upgrade for more with in-app purchase or switch to Metro File Manager Ex for all features.

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